Gemini - A groundbreaking human-hybrid drive system for eBikes

Gemini was selected as one of ExtraEnergy's" Five pedelec technology game changers" at Eurobike 2015

The benefit of Gemini is its simplicity:

• Smooth, stepless ratio changes – Rider needs not change gears
• Constant cadence – Pedals turn at same speed regardless of slope or conditions
• Rider can vary the cadence on-the-go
• Fully integrated in one housing – Reduced number of components
• Sealed for life – high reliability
• Very silent operation
• "Smart bike" capable – GPS, Bluetooth, App control

Gemini is a ground-breaking, patented, hybrid propulsion system that enables the innovative combination of human power and battery power.

It is a totally automatic shiftless system that eliminates derailleur or hub gears, shifters, cables, dynamos, and torque sensors.

Gemini simplifies eBikes for the user and the manufacturer:

Gemini's two motor/generators act together with the human input, under highly sophisticated, patented, software control. The amount of electrical assist provided to add to the human input is varied by the controller - seamlessly altering the transmission ratio to respond to the operating environment.

By continuously adjusting the ratio as the conditions change (slope, speed, human effort etc) Gemini operates always at the optimum ratio and the rider pedals with the constant cadence of their choice

Gemini was selected as one of ExtraEnergy's "Five pedelec technology game changers" atEurobike 2015

The following link will take you to the interview by Hannes Neupert, President of Extra Energy with Rod Keech, CEO and Chairman of NexxtDrive Ltd